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Sample Foreign Trained Dentist Personal Statement

Updated: Jan 21

Since I came to America, a dentist from India, to make it my permanent home in 2015, I have devoted myself entirely to learning about how dentistry is practiced in the USA. I hope to be selected to attend your distinguished DDS/DMD program so I can practice dentistry here by taking full advantage of the vast educational resources in my field. After earning a doctoral degree in my area, I plan to devote myself for many decades to Prosthodontics; which I have known for years is the specialty I hope to pursue further.

Here in America, first, I became an EFDA and earned my radiology license and a BLS certificate. I started working two full-time jobs as an EFDA at two different dental settings, assisting dentists with four-handed dental procedures, crown and bridgework, implant placements and bone grafts, sedation dentistry, Cerec crowns, and flap surgeries - along with connective tissue grafts, wisdom teeth, extractions, fillings, etc. I feel encouraged by the positive feedback on my work ethic and effective communication with patients. I also volunteered at the Indiana Mission of Mercy and went on a dental mission trip to the Dominican Republic. I am especially eager to learn; I completed 55 hours of CE credits in medicine and dentistry. I need thorough training in dentistry to become a successful dentist working with diverse, multicultural populations. I want to provide my patients with the highest quality of dental care possible to address community oral health issues here in America. My current goal is to earn a DDS/DMD and then pursue a postgraduate residency in Prosthodontics.

I want to provide my patients with the highest quality of dental care possible, working with diverse, multicultural populations. I am primarily devoted to the cause of providing dental care to the underserved. I see myself helping on a volunteer level as central to my career through participation in community outreach programs to provide care for those who lack access. This way, I can give back something to my society and the most vulnerable. I also hope to open my private practice providing numerous treatment options from routine preventive through restorative dentistry: implants, digital dentistry, and CAD-CAM, with particular attention to the esthetic aspects of full mouth rehabilitation.

After finishing dental school and before immigrating to America, I worked as an associate dentist at two different dental practices in India; in both positions, I had many opportunities to learn about and practice preventive and restorative dentistry. At one clinic, I completed countless surgical extractions and alveoloplasties and assisted surgeons in managing traumatic injuries and implant placements. At another practice, I worked on many bridges and veneers and developed a better understanding of Endodontics.

I am also incredibly thankful for the experience I have gained in the USA, as it prepares me to hit the ground running in your program and excel with a solid foundation upon which to build. I find myself reading a lot in my spare time about dental materials. I hope to engage with research in this area, particularly helping lay the foundations for advancements in dentistry. I have always been a good student. I focused on dentistry as my chosen profession while still a teenager for a variety of reasons; most of all, my profound respect and admiration for the dentist as someone who takes away pain and makes life enjoyable again for their patients; it was also personal for me age, having four teeth removed followed by Orthodontics treatment. This was the center of my world, and my doctor was excellent. I thanked my father for bringing me to this miracle worker who had given me the confidence of a beautiful smile and the freedom to laugh aloud, unrestrained.

After High School, I excelled at my entrance exams and was admitted to and completed the program at one of my country’s most prestigious dental schools. I pursued my dream passionately, gaining a solid foundation in my field. I am proud that my efforts were recognized by winning a gold medal in one of my favorite subjects, Dental Materials and Conservative Dentistry. I also enriched myself through additional community involvement. I found profound meaning and purpose in providing free dental care and imparting oral health knowledge throughout dental school. My participation in outreach programs increased my effectiveness at communicating with patients and developing heart-warming relationships.

I began working under the guidance of my principal mentor early on, Dr. XXXX, an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, at his clinic in Patiala, Punjab. Next, I worked at an even more developed clinic with Dr. XXXX, an endodontist, and Dr. XXXX, a prosthodontist. This was an excellent opportunity to work with reputable doctors in a modernized clinic in Chandigarh, India. As they had completed graduate programs in the United States, Dr. XXXX and Dr. XXXX fanned the flames of my interest in doing the same, sharing stories of high-quality education with modern facilities containing advanced equipment that empowered students to learn the latest dental techniques.

Thank you for considering my application.

Sample Foreign Trained Dentist Personal Statement



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