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The Inspiring Journey of an Indian Woman Orthodontist Residency Program

Updated: Jan 19

writing and editing the personal statement for orthodontics residency
Orthodontics Residency, Indian Woman Orthodontist

Like many Orthodontists, my story began with dark experiences in childhood. Growing up in ____, just another village in the South of India, I received constant harassment for something that I knew was not my fault: my teeth. I had protruding upper and lower front teeth and flashed gum when I smiled. I stayed home to avoid pictures and social gatherings throughout high school for every birthday party, wedding, etc... As I saw it at the time, the Devil himself could not have designed a worse nightmare to bring with me to young womanhood. To snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, I enrolled in Dental School. Then I completed my master's degree in India and gained experience. I write this statement on behalf of my application to a residency program in America.

As a dentistry student, I learned about Orthodontics in detail for the first time and began to plan to pay for my treatment. Post-treatment, the person who smiled back at me when I looked into the mirror post-surgery, was a completely different personality. While my lovely teeth would have to remain hidden for another two years, the confident smile I was eventually blessed with was magical. Thus, I would like to live and work in a world where the smile is seen as an innate or God-given human right. But, since I do not, I want to devote myself to helping as many young people as possible who are now in the shoes that once were mine.

I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer in a mobile dental clinic. I visited several rural areas without access to dental care and began to reflect on the systemic need for attention to orthodontic issues in India. This motivated me to earn my Masters's in Dental Surgery (Orthodontics) in May 2020 from a top-tier Indian college.

I now consider myself fortunate to have provided orthodontic treatment for well over 100 patients and have become well-versed in several advanced orthodontic treatment techniques, as testified to by the fact that I graduated at the top of my master's class. I have worked as a full-time consultant orthodontist in India since March 2021. I work alongside and in coordination with a full-time periodontist, an oral surgeon, an endodontist, and a general dentist. My responsibilities include diagnosing and treating malocclusions for young and adult patients. I educate parents about the importance of early interventions during childhood to prevent possible dental malocclusions. Equipped with advanced skills in orthodontics, I am the go-to provider for many complex cases in our office. I am particularly confident in placing mini implants to move teeth, a technique many orthodontists practicing in my area are not trained in. I am also well trained in Invisalign, and I am most keen on staying abreast of the technological advances that we look forward to tomorrow.

I particularly look forward to giving all to help children and adolescents from marginalized and at-risk families and neighborhoods who are in greatest need of the kind of boost that comes with transforming what is for the patient a nightmare into a beautiful smile. I want to save young, vulnerable people from the soul-crushing agony of being bullied due to their appearance. Several years later, I aspire to lay the foundation for my orthodontics clinic providing comprehensive care for patients.

I take pride in my practiced grasp of the importance of collaboration with Periodontics and Oral Surgery, always focused on the best possible outcome for each unique patient. At this juncture, I have decided to dedicate myself to my advancement as an Orthodontist. I hope to become a trailblazer in Orthodontics in India, and distinguishing myself in this area as an Indian woman is still an uphill battle. I take heart in the fact that I am part of a wave, with the number of female students in dental schools increasing rapidly vis-à-vis that of males.

I hope to be selected by a particularly distinguished program in harnessing innovative technology for oral health advancement. I am confident that my professional skill set resulting from a lifetime of academic projects and professional dedication will enable me to hit the ground running in your program and distinguish myself from the first day forward, going on to reach my fullest potential because of having been taken under your wing.

Thank you for considering my application.

Indian Woman Orthodontist in Residency Program


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