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Orthodontics Master Degree Personal Statement

Updated: Jan 20

I graduated last year from the advanced standing program at Boston University’s Goldman School of Dentistry, earning my DMD Degree and working as a general dentist. Before coming to the US from India, I practiced dentistry after graduating from the Y.M.T Dental College and Hospital. I am most pleased to have finished dental school and practiced dentistry in the countries I now call home. Now, it is time to devote myself entirely to my chosen specialty: Orthodontics. I hope to earn a master's degree in Orthodontics and focus my practice and research in this area for decades.

Since earning my doctorate at BU in 2018, I have worked at Academy Dental in New Jersey. My professional interests include craniofacial biomechanics, long-term post-treatment stability, and Invisalign. I diagnose and formulate patient treatment plans, perform prevention and scaling and root planning, extractions, root canal treatments, complete and partial dentures, crown and bridgework, impressions, patient consultations, and composite and amalgam restorations.

While a student serving in the GSDM clinic at BU, I diagnosed and formulated patient treatment plans, performed prevention, scaling, and root planning, and took radiographs, pulp capping, and root canal therapies. I designed and fitted prosthodontic appliances, including bridges, crowns, and complete and partial dentures. I also managed medical emergencies and worked on preventive oral health initiatives. Selected as one of two students for a two-week externship in Orthodontics at the GSDM clinic, I observed cases with cephalometric analysis. I collaborated in formulating a treatment plan focusing on the biomechanics of orthodontic movement.

Volunteer work in dentistry has always been close to my heart. I want to continue giving of myself freely as an Orthodontics professional, just as I have in general dentistry. Especially while still in India, I found my primary recipe for excellent health and happiness, that most fundamental sense of well-being, as a volunteer in oral health campaigns, especially as a dental student. Nothing brings me as much joy as providing services to those who would not otherwise have access.

I read a lot about creative ideas for making orthodontic treatment more widely available, especially for the children of underserved families. I very much admire the pioneering work of Dr. XXXX, known as Dino, an outstanding Brazilian Orthodontist, clinician, and professor of Orthodontics from Brazil; he has become a worldwide leader in the quest to make Orthodontics treatments more widely available. Brazil has contributed immensely to developing techniques and concepts used successfully in treating cleft patients and has one of the world’s finest centers for treating cleft patients. In one Brazilian center, Centrinho, in São Paulo State, researchers in the 1970s sought and discovered critical orthodontic solutions for people seeking assistance with severe aesthetic and functional facial impairments.

My central professional dream is to think and act professionally as an Orthodontist who is knowledgeable about global dentistry, the progress being made in other parts of the world, and the opportunities that exist across the globe for improvement to be made in Orthodontics, especially in the Developing World and particularly in terms of developing broader access and availability to orthodontic treatments.

Orthodontics is the area of Dentistry in which my central professional calling is grounded and flows naturally out of many years painting, and dancing. I won many prizes in India in drawing competitions, and the aesthetic aspects of dentistry are fundamental to my professional identity and aspirations.

Thank you for considering my application to your distinguished Orthodontics Residency Program.

Orthodontics Master Degree Personal Statement


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