International Dentist from India, Helping the Visually Impaired

Updated: Nov 18

I am a dentist from India, a woman, and someone who distinguishes herself for her love for those who are most in need of attention and care. I have been living in Ohio now for one year and making good use of my time preparing to enter you program by passing the board exams as well as the TOEFL examination. I have also been shadowing a dentist.

My heart is back in India and most of my long term professional plans revolve around my home country. I hope to develop a special area of study concerning the oral health of the visually impaired and to work with an organization in my home town of Surat that cares for the blind, eventually publishing in this area. I also hope to have the privilege of serving the underserved here in America; opening up my own walk-in dental clinic in the USA has been my most salient and long standing fantasy.

For many years, I would make a sizeable donation of toothbrushes and toothpaste to the Andhjan Shikshan Mandal organization and it was in this way that my consciousness was developed over time in the area of the special oral care needs of the visually impaired. I also very much hope to be of assistance in the future to my dental school back in India, where I would like very much to teach at least part time at some point in my career.

Often I reflect back and try to trace the source for my passion in dentistry. I never had ailing parents nor was I born into a family of doctors. Rather, I spent my childhood in Surat, India on a dinner table filled with discussions of politics, business and long theoretical explanations as to the determinants of poverty and disease. Accordingly, I was taught at an early age to analyze our all too prevalent material misery in India through the lens of thinking globally. Helping others in need has elicited a incredible feeling of satisfaction and purpose in my soul; and I have increasingly come to love the feeling of being determined and passionate for a cause.

The biology, mathematics and physics courses I took in high school triggered my initial passion for science. Already in high school I was participating in medical related research projects that served to complement what I learned in the classroom. The study of the biological systems was enthralling and I found myself more hooked on with each passing year. I enrolled in an undergraduate program in dental science at Bharti Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital, Pune India, since I had made a firm decision that it was dentistry that represented the best convergence of my interest in science and medicine on the one hand, and my desire to work closely and connect with a diverse range of people on the other.  

I appreciate the way in which our curriculum laid stress on learning through practice and hence I got adequate opportunity to partake in clinical sessions and dental camps.  As a part of coursework, I had the privilege of serving in an internship position for one year, working in numerous, free dental camps for rural populations, working with people with a variety of different cultures and languages. I also worked at a public hospital as a volunteer several hours each week throughout my completion of dental school.

I realized early on, working in India’s rural areas, the critical importance of holistic and preventive approaches to serving the oral health needs of particular societies, especially in the area of improving oral hygiene. Working to get people to acknowledge the detrimental effects of smoking and chewing tobacco was one of my primary crusades. I also attended dental camps organized for children in schools where we conducted free checkups and imparted education in the prevention of caries through correct brushing techniques.

I have learned that being a good dentist is not just about treating teeth and oral diseases but interacting with people of all ages, cultures, and varied personalities.  I see connecting with one’s patients and addressing their apprehensions and fears as equally important as diagnosing and treating their disease.  After graduating, I joined a dental office as a full time dentist, and I would spend the next full, 5 years performing restorations, root canals, crown cutting; I made prosthesis, oral prophylaxis, and assisted in general oral surgery as well as implants and flap surgery.  In my spare time, I read Dental articles so as to keep myself updated with recent advancements and technological developments in Dentistry.

I like to play badminton and golf. It helps me to stay calm and patient and to make my maximum contribution in sometimes stressful circumstances. The better I get at dentistry, the better my gold swing as well.

As long as I can remember, I wanted to be in a profession that would make a profound difference in people’s lives. I am completely aware of the commitment required for this program yet I am confident that my academic and professional background, aptitude, and motivation will see me through the challenges that await me.  I hope that you offer me a place in your esteemed institute and a chance to interact with dental professionals from across the world.  

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration of my application.

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