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Syrian International Dentist Personal Statement

Updated: Feb 1

Like many others, I chose dentistry because of positive firsthand experiences. As a child, I had a gap between my front teeth, which affected my confidence and made me reluctant to smile. After many consultations, an X-Ray was taken, and the problem was identified as diastema caused by an extra tooth pulled. I was then referred to an orthodontist for fitting a removable appliance. After several months, I was left with a great smile, undying gratitude for the dental surgeon and orthodontist, and an ardent desire to provide others with the confidence that comes with a pleasing smile. 

My final high school examination score was an exceptional 96%, meaning I would be accepted into any school to study anything significant. Still, I never wavered in my decision to pursue dentistry. I was awarded my BDS degree at the prestigious dental faculty of Aleppo University. The training was highly challenging and comprehensive, provided by an impressive faculty of skilled and dedicated dentists and specialists. The program offered early and constant exposure to patients presenting with extremely varied problems and symptoms; there was an emphasis on developing diagnostic skills, treatment planning, and cross-disciplinary cooperation. I was exposed to all the specialties. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and sought from the outset to excel rather than succeed merely. My results provide evidence of my success in achieving this goal; I graduated top of my class with a GPA of 3.67.

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Political Violence in Iraq

I practiced in Syria for only five months when I had to leave the country because of the dangers Christians, such as myself, faced and the destruction of my home. Since coming to the US, I have sought as much exposure to US dentistry as possible, initially by shadowing dentists and dental assistants in several practices and, currently, by working as a volunteer dental assistant in extensive and busy training. During the last three months, I have worked as a Dental Assistant coordinator, learned how to organize, and store charts, become familiar with several dental software programs, and gained experience working with a periodontal specialist and an oral surgeon. This exposure has given me a good understanding of US dentistry and related administration. It has also broadened my knowledge of implants, which is particularly interesting.

Voluntary work of various kinds began in high school, and I have been raised to regard such work as a duty rather than a choice. I was involved in a Christian youth organization that provided activities for orphan children and visits and activities for the elderly in care centers. After graduation and the onset of the civil war, I volunteered for the Red Cross. I was involved with several friends in moving patients and bodies and occasionally providing necessary treatments to victims. I have been left with deep impressions of those experiences that have made me even more determined to undertake voluntary work for those less fortunate than myself. Since moving to the US, I have worked as a Red Cross volunteer in the Blood Drive Center and sometimes as an interpreter for Arabic speakers.  In the future, I intend to sacrifice some of my time providing free treatment to the underprivileged members of society to repay the US for its kindness in providing a haven for myself and my family.

Since arriving in the US, I have worked and socialized with people from many social and ethnic backgrounds. Since arriving in the US, I have worked and associated with people from many social and ethnic backgrounds. I enjoy sharing knowledge of my own culture and learning about others. I get on quickly with people and have a well-developed sense of humor. 

My goal is to open a community dental clinic. I would seek to become a natural part of the local community and extend preventative training in oral and dental hygiene, diet, etc., by creating close and positive relations locally, especially with schools.

My graduation research project dealt with suture types and the healing process after oral surgery. I am particularly interested in implants and periodontal dentistry and hope that I might assist in research in one of these areas within the program.

I can confidently assure the reader that, if selected, I shall apply myself enthusiastically and diligently to the program. My academic and professional career will ensure my exceptional potential to excel within it.

Thank you for considering my application.

Syrian International Dentist Personal Statement


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