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Helping Refugees from Iraq and Syria, Saudi Woman Dentist Trained in Jordan

Updated: Mar 22

Now 29 years old, I am a Saudi woman born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Jordan where I completed dental school. I hope to be selected by a DDS Program for International Dentists in the United States on the basis not only of my extensive training and experience but even more importantly on the basis of my dedication to helping the underserved. Since completing dental school in Jordan, I have now worked for six years in dental clinics. For the first three years, I served in a clinic located in an area with a lot of refugees. To the extent to which I had the time, I met many on the street, singling out the ones that were in most need of my attention, took them to the clinic and attended to their oral health needs, often paying for the materials out of my own pocket. I enjoyed the extra practice and the special challenges that many refugees presented, but the joy and reward that I felt in my heart was by far the greatest return. I hope to excel professionally not only during training and subsequent practice in the USA, but especially upon my return to the Middle East where I plan to devote large chunks of my time to helping refugees in the numerous refugee camps throughout the region, Jordan, Turkey, etc.

I earned my Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 2009 from the University of Jordan and ever since I was still a dental student, I have felt a special attraction and calling to research concerning the dental needs of children, particularly those with other special health care needs. My other area of particular interest and professional development is Implantology and helping to improve the longevity of implant treatment; it is mostly in this area that I have continued to take CE courses: IMPLASA HOCHST GmbH course in Dental Implantology and Sinus Lifting (March, 2012-12 credit hours); the 7th annual Jordanian Course on Comprehensive Oral Implantology (January, 2011-18 credit hours). I also have also participated at several conferences in both Implantology and General Dentistry in Jordan.

A hard working person gifted with a high degree of manual dexterity and a passion for science, I am as dedicated to research in dentistry as I am practice and look forward to a long professional lifetime continuing to perfect my clinical performance at the same time that I publish my research and contribute to my community as well as our advancement as a profession.

Throughout my time practicing dentistry in Jordan each and every patient and their family that we were able to help was a special and very positive experience for me that I will always treasure. Each time that we were able to improve someone’s oral health and change their lives for the better, it was a great victory. I particularly enjoyed educating my patients and their families about both preventive and restorative measures. Resolving the patient’s complaints and eliminating their pain made me feel a unique sense of joy and I enjoyed very much the diversity of the patients that I have attended to in Jordan, of all ages and walks of life, many from other parts of the world, especially other parts of the Middle East.

I could not be more excited about a lifetime of research that lies ahead of me and I am particularly determined to stay abreast of cutting-edge technologies that facilitate our progress in dentistry. I look forward to the development of new innovations that will improve our power to prevent oral decay as well as to reverse its destructiveness. A team player, I look forward to working as part of a team of oral health care professionals that I can learn from, especially concerning the complex interdisciplinary character of dentistry. Working as part of oral health care teams in America will provide me with the opportunity to learn how state-of-the-art dentistry is practiced and the best ways to go about helping people from global perspectives, in the Developing as well as the Developed World – always learning, sharing, and interchanging ideas with my colleagues from all over the world.

I seek to earn the respect and admiration of my patients, colleagues, and my community because of my extreme dedication to my practice and long term career goals. I hope to earn a good salary and someday open my own private practice so that I might achieve financial security - allowing me to progressively devote more and more of my time to mission work as my career proceeds.

I very much love the opportunity for creativity that is an inherent part of dentistry, a blend of art and science that comes to fruition only for the highly dedicated dentist and only when they make their patients their number one priority. Providing for my community is deeply engrained in my character, instilled in me since my childhood. Every year throughout my life, along with my family, I have helped to deliver food supplies to needy families during our holy month. Nothing fulfills me more than the love involved in giving, and this is true of my professional practice on behalf of those in need as well as my charitable engagements.

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as an Arab woman with a great passion for the entire Middle East region, especially the great need that exists among migrants and refugees, particularly those displaced by war in Syria and Iraq.

I thank you for considering my application.

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