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General Dentistry Residency Personal Statement Saudi

Updated: Feb 5

I find great satisfaction in the fact that I have made public oral health my calling in life. I also feel privileged to love my city, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Even though we are a liberal and progressive city, we still have many poor or low-income people.  As a dental student, I frequently observed individuals with lamentable oral health in the street, the workplace, etc. For this reason, I have been primarily engaged with the issue of education since I began dental school and am very much looking forward to learning new techniques and creative ideas in your program.

Since high school, I have provided food and clothing to the poor in my city who are in need. Thus, it was natural for me to stay active as a dental school volunteer. Throughout my years in dental school, we would go out into the community, schools, and often shopping malls, trying to educate as many people as possible about the need for adequate oral hygiene and health care. Especially with foreigners, mostly guest workers from Africa or the Philippines, their oral health was most precarious.

I am particularly concerned about our sizeable immigrant workforce, with guest workers from all over. These workers postpone dental care for some point in the future, especially since it is seldom paid for through their employer. It is wrong for us to employ so many people, bringing them from their country of origin to a strange new place and not providing for their oral health needs.

I hope to be selected for a general dentistry residency position. I look forward to a complete immersion that includes exposure to dentistry education's latest techniques and issues. I want to participate in education programs for children and young people to raise our oral health awareness sustainably and across generations. I look forward to giving my all for many decades to my patients, always laboring to provide the patient with the best treatment available on the forefront of dental care and educate as many people as possible about preventive care.

I hope to be successful with my clinic and constantly reinvest in my service, significantly increasing the amount of service I can provide free of charge. I also have professional dreams of launching my non-profit organization dedicated to organizing dentists in my community to provide adequate care for the underserved, providing them with dentures, restorations, etc.

I want to thank you for considering my application to your program.

General Dentistry Residency Personal Statement Saudi


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