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Prosthodontics Residency, MSC Implantology, Korean in Canada

Updated: Apr 28

I ask for acceptance to your competitive MSc Program in Prosthodontics so that I might have the opportunity to serve on the cutting-edge developments in this area and put the finishing touches on my lifetime of education in dentistry. I feel strongly that Prosthodontics is where I want to go from here to advance my education in dentistry. I have become a successful dentist in Canada only due to enormous hard work, dedication, and perseverance. I was a Korean man born in South Korea and raised there first and then in Germany; before immigrating to Canada at 18, English was my third language. It was an uphill climb to compete successfully in examinations and get accepted to and finish dental school. On top of the academic challenges, in 1996, tuition fees for dental schools tripled, and I paid for four years of dental school on my own by working part-time in various jobs.

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Family Dental Care Clinic

I am currently serving as the principal clinician at the XXXX Family Dental Centre in XXXX, Ontario, as well as the XXXX Dental Clinic in XXXX, Ontario. Probably what makes me most proud of where I am as a professional these days, however, and will provide me with some interesting subject matter to share with my peers in your distinguished program is my experience since 2011 as a Clinical Faculty member for the XXXX Implant Training Centres in Atlanta, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. I also have the privilege of serving as a member of the clinical teaching staff in the Department of Oral Radiology of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of XXXX. Much of my volunteer work has been centered on athletic events, helping with the polyclinics at the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Vancouver in 2010 and again this year, 2015, with the Pan-Am and Para Pan-Am Games in Toronto.

I look forward to a whole immersion experience in Prosthodontics that will enable me to excel as a dentistry teacher and increasingly engage with and devote my time to research and communicating our challenges to the next generation of oral health professionals. I am goal-oriented, focused, and very hard-working; I look forward to long hours studying Prosthodontics and learning as much as possible as a student in your program.

I have dealt with various challenges while serving as an oral surgeon. I have founded three successful dental practices, two of which I own; thus, I am now in a position professionally and financially to devote myself to the full-time study of Prosthodontics. I am taking a logical next step by applying to your program since earning my degree and certificate in Prosthodontics will further enhance my ability to excel.

I earned an MSc in Oral Implantology at the J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, and a writing a Master's thesis. I look forward to sharing with my colleagues engaged in implantology and interested in European developments. My heart is very much humbled to be on this journey. Most importantly, I am grateful to recognize this opportunity as the crowning achievement of two decades of devotion to dentistry.

After thorough research, I have determined that the MSc in prosthodontics is the ideal program for me to continue to advance in my field. Completing your program will open my vision and transform me into a better clinician and leader. In your program, I will have the invaluable experience of witnessing how leaders can impact their fellow clinicians and society to illuminate the path for future generations.

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Prosthodontist Personal Statement

I look forward to studying and practicing a multidisciplinary approach to prosthodontics and focusing on how prosthodontics is connected or related to implantology. I am mainly engaged with guided-surgery protocols, subsequent generation surface treatment on implant fixtures, and what some see as a paradigm shift of the current prosthodontic protocols to “One-Abutment, One-time,” as developed by Dr. XXXX at the J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

I see the triangle of Research, Technology, and Education as the ultimate platform for leadership, and I hope to become an innovator and a leader in Prosthodontists as a result of completing your distinguished MSc Program so that I might pass on the torch of discovery in dentistry to new generations of students.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished and competitive program.

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