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Saudi Arabian Applicant Prosthodontics Masters, Team Player Personal Statement for Residency

Updated: Jul 18

I am writing on behalf of my application to give my all in your competitive combined Master of Oral Science & Prosthodontics Residency Program. I hope to be chosen because I am a very hard worker who wants very much to give his all to your program. Since September 2014, I have been working as a Teaching Assistant in Oral Histology & Dental Anatomy in the Basic Oral Sciences Division of the Faculty of Dentistry at XXXX University in Saudi Arabia. Since dental school, I have increasingly gravitated toward Prosthodontics as my lifetime specialty for research, publication, and practice. My great passion and enthusiasm for everything with Prosthodontics are one of my principal assets as it motivates me to excel in my field. If selected, I assure you that I am ready for long hours and nearly exclusive devotion to dentistry throughout my residency.

I have distinguished myself, particularly in creating outstanding treatment plans. I can figure out any case, no matter how complicated, brainstorming until I develop the perfect treatment plan. There is a solution for each challenge, and I relentlessly pursue optimal treatment. Especially when I am alone, my patients—past and present—are what I think about the most, especially in the most challenging cases. I also simply imagine the challenge and how I would respond to it. I even dream about dentistry, teeth, and the patient’s pain, waking up traumatized upon occasion. If I am staring at someone, I look at their teeth because of how prosthodontics runs in my veins.

I love the aesthetic aspects of dentistry, designing beautiful smiles, which I see as a signature. I look forward to participating extensively in ongoing research projects as part of your program. I am especially interested in research closely related to esthetic prosthodontics, particularly dental anatomy.. Since my internship, I have increasingly developed my thoughts towards research in accordance with my clinical passion. Therefore, I challenged myself to write an initial manuscript of my internship research, and I did. I am particularly fascinated by developments in the differentiation of the size and shape of anterior teeth across various species and the relationship between teeth forms with face shape across different species. And that is why I look forward to mastering my research and clinical skills over many decades.

My practice of prosthodontics consumes me; thus, I have an excellent basis or platform upon which I hope to distinguish myself as a researcher and clinician. Most of all, I want to become known for being a great prosthodontist, creative, and always working on new techniques, ideas, solutions, and theories. Being a team player is also central to my ethic of excellence, and I look forward to joining your distinguished team.

I thank you for considering my application.

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