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One-Year Comprehensive Dentistry Certificate Program Saudi

Updated: Jan 20

An experienced dentist in my country, Saudi Arabia, now 27 years old, I am a mature and serious-minded young woman who could not be more devoted to and determined to advance in dentistry. I am a hard worker who enjoys long hours on my feet; I am passionate about dentistry. I came to the USA 7 months ago to advance my career and progress significantly in the intensive English program at XXXX University. This prolonged period of eating, sleeping, and breathing English is doing wonders for my English ability. I feel fully confident that if accepted to an advanced training program in the USA, I will be able to excel.

The one-year program in Comprehensive Dentistry at XXXX University’s School of Dental Medicine is my first choice among postgraduate programs precisely because of its comprehensive focus; this is what I seek, a thoroughgoing grounding in Dentistry as practiced on the cutting edge, with broad exposure to the whole gambit of advances, issues, and challenges across the spectrum. I could not be more excited about the prospect of refining and enhancing my skills, learning a wide variety of new techniques, and thinking about dentistry from a global perspective.

Operative dentistry stands at the center of my world, personal and professional. Thus, I cannot even imagine being more excited than I am about the prospects of a one-year, intensive immersion experience in Comprehensive Dentistry at XXU. Completing your program will make me a much better dentist, enhancing my capacity to contribute to the advancement of Dentistry in Saudi Arabia upon my return. As my career progresses, I look forward to increasingly fulfilling leadership roles in organizations devoted to improving public oral health in Saudi Arabia for all residents of the Kingdom, citizens, and non-citizens alike. I have had the unique honor of getting to know several Saudi dentists who received postgraduate training at XXU’s School of Dental Medicine. This filled me with a high motivation to follow them the more I learn about your innovative program.

Saudi Arabia has a long way to go in bringing its healthcare standards up to the level of the West, and this is especially true concerning dentistry. Demand exceeds the supply of dental services available, keeping the price of dental care exceedingly high and out of reach for many. My country has the highest rates of guest workers as a percentage of the population – in the world, and few of these workers from other countries, such as the Philippines, have healthcare insurance. Most guest workers forgo dental care, seeing it as a luxury and sending their money home to their families. Dental care does not even occur to them until they are in so much pain that they can no longer perform their duties in their employment position. I want to become their advocate and lobby the government, along with many of my friends and colleagues, to provide programs that are free or low-cost for those without dental care in Saudi Arabia and to create publicity around those services, educating those who live in the Kingdom as to why that care is so critical. After completing your program and gaining additional clinical experience, I plan to receive further training and develop a particular focus on restorative dentistry. I hope to teach restorative dentistry in Saudi Arabia.

Thank you for considering my application to Comprehensive Dentistry at XXU.

One-Year Comprehensive Dentistry Certificate Program


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