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MSc Prosthodontics Canada Personal Statement

Updated: Feb 1

Statement of your academic and professional goals

I am a young woman who likes to finish what she starts, and my academic goal is to earn an MSc degree at the University of XXXX. Unfortunately, I could not complete my Master’s in Prosthodontics before leaving my native Syria. I only had one year to go, and leaving was the most painful thing I have ever done, leaving my country, family, home, and temporarily my profession. Three years ago, the violence in Syria became brutal and indiscriminate. With increasing numbers of women raped and many people kidnapped, including—even significantly—health care workers, some for political reasons, others just for the ransom, often both. I did not want to abandon my studies in Prosthodontics in Syria, but my mother finally convinced me to flee the country with her, coming first to the USA; we are now settled in Canada. My English has improved dramatically, my life is again calm and stable, and I am returning to dentistry, precisely where I left off, by earning the MSc in Prosthodontics. I love British Columbia, the cool weather, and the natural beauty. Clean and exquisite, I take pictures all the time.

I dream of someday returning to Syria to help set up a Prosthodontics Program once my country returns to peace and stability, which I imagine will be a long time. I would like to have the experience someday of teaching Prosthodontics in Canada. I would especially enjoy supervising and assisting students with their research; this has long been my dream. Giving presentations in my Masters's Program in Syria was the most rewarding time of my life, now frozen in my mind as if they were yesterday. I intend to meet my goals, following behind my grandfather and uncle, both dentists who taught me a great deal. My grandfather owned a dental supplies store and was the first to manufacture model jaws for training throughout the Middle East. Later, my mother improved the design and function of her father's training jaw. She was also the first to manufacture and add gingiva to training jaws in the Middle East. My uncle was the first in the Middle East to teach Implantology in 1989. He received his diploma from Harvard University and, at the time, was the only one authorized to teach other students this subject in the Middle East. My other uncle is a dental technician and helped me develop my laboratory skills. My uncle and mother used to tell me that I would be a great dentist because of my love for drawing and playing the piano; life as art and science at the same time. I was accepted to the dental program at XXXX University in 2004 when I was 17 years old, the youngest student in my class, earned many academic scholarships and prizes, and graduated in 2009 at the top of my class, beginning my MSc Program in Prosthodontics the following year.

I want to produce novel improvements in Prosthodontics. I am convinced that your MSc Program at the University of XXXX is the optimal springboard upon which I can make my most significant professional contribution. It hurt me deeply the other day when I saw a beautiful young lady smiling with no teeth. I felt so powerless because I had a great urge to help her. I wanted to give her my phone number so she could come to my clinic like I used to do in Syria. My long-term dream, which goes back many years now, is to become a founding member of a community clinic specializing in Prosthodontics, where people with low income can come and have their smiles restored (for free or at a significantly reduced cost). The cost issue is especially critical in Prosthodontics because it is regarded as a cosmetic treatment and, therefore, not covered by patients’ health care plans. I also aspire to become the principal author of clinical books and articles in Prosthodontics, especially those related to TMD and perfect smiles, along with a lifetime of participation in dental conferences learning and sharing with other prosthodontists.

I have two immediate plans: becoming licensed to practice dentistry in Canada, for which I have been studying extremely hard, and earning my MSc Degree in Prosthodontics at the University of XXXX. While studying Prosthodontics in Damascus, I felt thrilled every day despite the political situation. I love working with the materials we use in prosthodontics; I love being there daily. I enjoyed every moment of learning everything that I learned about Prosthodontics. I am now looking at your program's curriculum at the University of British Columbia, and I could not be filled with more extraordinary passion and readiness. I fully intend to excel in your program because I have nearly completed my master's in Syria. Many dentists I have met here in Canada are amazed at my advanced familiarity with implantology.

Here in Canada, I have given lectures and labored to promote community oral health services, which could not have brought me greater joy. I love conveying ideas in straightforward, joyful ways that listeners, especially children, can remember. I cannot imagine not continuing to do this as well for the balance of my life. As soon as I arrived in the United States three years ago, I started volunteering to help at community clinics, and I have continued to do this for as many hours as possible. Windsor is a small town, and the transition was difficult. I am most grateful to Dr. XXXX for taking me under his wing and helping me to get situated and accustomed to my unfamiliar environment. Just spending time with another prosthodontist has been such a relief. He was most fascinated with the stories of my escape from Syria and could not have been more encouraging concerning my application to XXXX University.

I live in downtown Windsor, and I am shocked by the number of people that have no teeth and need urgent cosmetic dental treatment. While I am not sure, I think many of these people are homeless from far away. I suffer from being unable to do anything for the millions of other refugees fleeing Syria, very few of which have been as fortunate as I have been. I am grateful to Canada, and I want to give something back by providing these people I see on the street in Windsor with new teeth. I want to see them taking their first selfie with their cell phone, the ear-to-ear smile, for some, the first in their adult lives.

Your program is my first choice for continued study because of the research opportunities you offer, the highly international flavor of your student body, and your dedication to celebrating diversity. 

Thank you for considering my application.

MSc Prosthodontics Canada Personal Statement


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