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Sample Personal Statement for Prosthodontics Residency, Masters, Applicant from Kuwait

Updated: Mar 19

I have a highly developed esthetic sense that arose outside of dentistry and originally showed itself when I was involved in an interior design project. While working on a residential housing project in Kuwait, I became fascinated with the way in which an eye for detail, careful planning, the use and combination of suitable and compatible materials and the co-operation of various professions could provide functional, pleasing and healthy environments. From the moment that I began my dental training, the esthetic aspects of dentistry naturally became a special interest. It is clear that a pleasing smile is of enormous assistance in enhancing personal confidence and the ability to form positive relationships. Having the ability to provide such a smile is to beneficially affect lives and this provides a level of satisfaction that I cannot imagine in any other career.

During my training and current residency, I have acquired as much exposure to prosthodontics as possible anticipating the submission of this application. I have collaborated with highly experienced and dedicated dentists and prosthodontists and this experience has provided both technical knowledge and inspiring examples of dedication and professional excellence which I shall always seek to emulate.

I understand, of course, that esthetics, though very important, is only one aspect of the specialty. An excellent prosthodontist must have a great desire to help others but, of course, the desire alone is inadequate. He must be an excellent and highly-trained technician, ready to look at every treatment as unique both in its technical challenges and in the uniqueness of the patient, who is more than a set of X-rays, a list of symptoms and a treatment plan. He is an excellent collaborator and leader, ready to share and receive opinions and insights and a great communicator who can inspire trust and confidence in his patients and staff with the ability to explain complex plans in simple language. He is someone who appreciates innovation and who has the enthusiasm and curiosity to keep abreast of a field in which new techniques and materials are constantly evolving and tries to add to the sum of common knowledge of the specialty for the benefit of all. But most of all, he is determined to relieve discomfort, and to restore or create smiles, a pleasing appearance, dietary choices and self-confidence in his patients and derives enormous satisfaction from being able to do so. I would not be making this application if I were not confident that I have the enthusiasm, drive and potential to become an excellent practitioner in this vital specialty.

I hope to be involved in the clinical application of evidence based innovation arising from quality research especially in the areas of occlusion, implants, new materials and computerized dentistry. I am very excited at the prospect of practicing a specialty in which new techniques and materials are being developed and applied rapidly for the benefit of so many and hope to assist in new research especially in those areas of special interest to me.

I know that cross-disciplinary co-operation is a major feature of the specialty. I have happily studied, worked with, and treated people of many ethnic and social backgrounds. I am an amiable person who relates well with colleagues and patients and seeks always to ‘put the patient first’. I enjoy sharing knowledge about my own culture and acquiring knowledge about others. I speak Arabic and English and am widely travelled. I have devoted substantial time to various volunteer projects throughout my training and dental residency both in the US and abroad. This has provided me with exposure to supplementary dental training and specialisms as well as being a humbling experience which has persuaded me to devote some of my time and skills to the underprivileged and underserved throughout my career especially children who have suffered birth defects or accidents affecting their appearance and ability to speak or eat with ease.

I have some teaching experience which I have thoroughly enjoyed. It was a privilege to have been trusted with these roles and to have been able to share my knowledge. I have carefully noted the techniques applied and characteristics displayed by the most effective teachers in my own academic career and I always seek to emulate them. I have certainly observed that passion is infectious and that the finest teachers are those who derive the greatest satisfaction from their work.

My goal now is to acquire the highest level of prosthodontic skills, knowledge and experience to fit me, ultimately, to practice, research and teach the specialty.

Thank you for considering my application.

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