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Pediatric Dentistry Master's Degree Underserved

Updated: Jan 30

pediatric dentist personal statement samples
Indian Woman Pediatric Dentist Residency Personal Statement

As a young woman and a dentist from India, I have been making a new home in the USA for two-and-a-half years. I left India at 22, shortly after finishing dental school, so I have not yet had the opportunity to gain much practical experience in dentistry. I have been working diligently to complete my Master of Science in Administration (MSA) degree at XXXX University. My heart is devoted to the pursuit of Pediatric Dentistry. I am convinced that my MSA Degree will help me contribute to oral health in this area, especially concerning my voluntary contribution to the underserved in the USA and back home in India.

Pediatric Dentistry has been the center of my world since my days as a dental student. I hope to be interviewed as a candidate for participation in your distinguished Advanced Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry at XXXX University. I have had my heart set on Tufts for a long time, and it would be a profound honor to continue my professional studies at Tufts toward serving as a Pediatric Dentist here in the USA. I am convinced that I can hit the ground running and distinguish myself.

I have recently begun volunteering to help with administrative organization at the Kids Smiles Clinic in XXXX, Ohio. I delight in assisting at a clinic that charges patients on a sliding scale, some free of charge and many for as little as US$10.00. After earning my master's degree in Pediatric Dentistry at XXXX, I hope to progressively give increasingly of my time to volunteer activities for these kinds of clinics as a pediatric dentist, pursuing opportunities in India and America. My long-term goal is to teach pediatric dentistry someday, at a dental college in India.

My other lifelong professional goals include staying abreast of all significant advances in Dentistry and doing everything I can to advance education in our field at every level, helping everyone I encounter to appreciate the critical importance of oral health. I look forward to serving at the forefront of advancements in Pediatric Dentistry in India, especially concerning technology. A fast learner, I have great zeal for learning as much as possible about innovative technology in dentistry. I am committed, sincere, goal-oriented, and at my best handling stressful situations. I am always patient-friendly because my central dream is to give my all 24/7 as a Pediatric Dentist for the balance of my professional life, sending my little patients home with a healthy smile day after day. Once I have several years of experience practicing as a Pediatric Dentist, I would like to become affiliated with a dental university in India and help them conduct educational outreach programs.

I attended ONCOGRID camps in India, where we, as dental interns, traveled to rural areas in south India and did oral screening for pre-cancerous lesions. During that time, I had a chance to talk to people about their oral hygiene knowledge. Few even bothered to brush daily. Many adult males consume tobacco and related products, which explains why India has some of the highest oral cancer rates worldwide. India magnifies the critical nature of the situation and is expected to overtake China as the world’s most populous nation within a few years. It is frustrating to reflect on how little awareness the Indian people have and how great the need for public oral health education is, especially for children.

Without dentistry, my identity would not be complete. The mastery of dental technology to provide the highest quality of care possible while chairside time is reduced has become the center of the world and what excites me most. As part of the more extensive American healthcare system, I have learned much about dentistry as a master's student in Health Services Administration. I have also had the opportunity to become Americanized as a healthcare professional, learning a great deal about all aspects of healthcare in the USA, from practice through insurance.

Thank you sincerely for considering my application.

Pediatric Dentistry Master's Degree Underserved


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