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Pediatric Dentistry Residency Personal Statement Editor

Updated: Jan 20

Born, raised, and educated in Riyadh, I am a Saudi woman dentist enrolled in the Advanced Program in Comprehensive Dentistry at XXXX University. I hope to be accepted to a Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program to achieve some of the finest advanced training in my chosen field available anywhere in the world. Before my program at XXU, I was in an intensive English program for approximately a year, living in Chicago and studying with Kaplan, so I am confident that I will be able to hit the ground running in your program with high energy, giving my all 24-7 - especially to the little patients that are my sheer joy. I have volunteered as a dental assistant in Chicago at a community health clinic, helping me get a feel for how dentistry is practiced in America and passing the first part of my board examinations, preparing me for excellence in an advanced training program in Pediatric Dentistry.

I graduated from one of the finest dental schools in Saudi Arabia and am always disciplined and highly motivated. I hope to be accepted to the Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry Program at XXXX University because of my high motivation; I crave your program's rigor, prestige, and stellar reputation. I am determined to acquire the knowledge and clinical skills to become the finest pediatric dentist possible. My achievements and preparation so far will propel me to distinguish myself for excellence in your program, as I am assured that I will be among those students who try the hardest to excel.

I developed a great passion for pediatric dentistry at a tender age when I got to know our family dentist. This kind of dentist made my dental visits hugely enjoyable. He treated me with great care, and I always looked forward to the next stop; he inspired me and sparked my keen, lifetime engagement with Dentistry. My intensifying focus on Pediatric Dentistry was fed by my growing affection for and attention to children and the opportunity to make significant, sustainable improvements that will last a lifetime. Children also take center stage in my focus on preventive dentistry and dental education, inspiring children, and their parents to adopt healthy lifestyles. It pains me to imagine how many children suffer from inadequate dental care during childhood and adolescence. I have sought additional experience for some time now with special needs children. I hope for extensive exposure to this unique population if selected for your program at XXXX. Nothing excites me as much as this prospect, long hours on my feet giving my all, doing all that I can for as many as I can, little ones from a vast diversity of backgrounds with an equally broad spectrum of oral health issues.

I was a diligent student, and no one worked harder or was more dedicated to her studies in dental school, enabling me to maintain a grade point average of 3.7/4.0, near the top of my class. I always worked extra hard to develop and perfect the skills that I see as especially important for working directly with patients, empathy, patience, and a sincere and genuine concern for their well-being. After finishing dental school in Saudi Arabia, I completed a one-year general dentistry internship program, four months of which I spent in the Pediatric Department working exclusively with children every day, reaffirming my conviction that I had found my calling, Pediatric Dentistry.

Volunteer work is incredibly close to my heart. I have usually helped organize various health awareness campaigns and dental workshops. I continue volunteering here in America as a dental assistant at a Community Health Center in Chicago, IL. I am convinced that these experiences have fired up my devotion and self-confidence so that I can distinguish myself in your program.

Receiving my advanced training at XXXX University will ensure that I can make my highest mark and achievement in Pediatric Dentistry, my most exemplary contribution. I will become a fully qualified Pediatric Dentist, a distinguished leader in my field, and a role model to other Saudi women willing to give themselves this way to their career, making it the number one priority in their lives. I could not be more excited about the prospect of enrolling in a prestigious Pediatric Dentistry program in the nation that leads the world at the forefront of our field, the USA. Being selected for and completing your program will prepare me for my maximum career advancement in Saudi Arabia, giving me the most acceptable balance of my life to advancing the practice of Pediatric Dentistry.

Thank you for considering my application.

Pediatric Dentistry Residency Personal Statement Editor


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