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Pediatric Dentistry Residency Personal Statement Example

Updated: Feb 1

My first choice for a residency program in pediatric dentistry is the XXXX School of Dentistry at XXXX University. I am currently working toward completing my DDS Degree. My central professional dream is to serve the balance of my professional life as a pediatric dentist working in a family dental practice while spending long hours at the local hospital caring for children with special needs. Dentistry and community are inseparable intellectually and professionally for me, with children standing at the center of my professional and moral frames of reference. The children in our community represent our future; many of them need and deserve our full support—including oral health care- since some have no parents and others have parents who have been unwilling or unable to care adequately for their children. At 26, single, never married, childless, dentistry and community are my life 24/7.

UXX is my first choice to begin practicing dentistry for several reasons, not the least of which is that I am already a part of our academic community and, thus, feel that I am exceptionally well-positioned to excel in the program here. I also greatly appreciate how UXX is unsurpassed in the agility and effectiveness they coordinate pediatric dentistry across academic and hospital settings, particularly concerning trauma cases, compared to other California programs. I have already formed excellent working relations as a student in the program with many faculty members, who I would very much like to continue to see and have more significant opportunities to learn from as I advance in pediatric dentistry at UX.

I have observed and helped in our pediatric dentistry clinic at UXX and have been involved with various causes. As a co-president of Pediatric Selective, we host several monthly meetings to discuss topics and pediatric-specific articles considering professional guidelines. We share updates on our cases since our last meeting to improve our ability to handle any challenging situation in pediatric dentistry. Patient management is the number one factor that distinguishes a great pediatric dentist. Our group is involved in numerous screening projects in the local community, particularly at schools. I have served at the UXX mobile clinic and helped organize unique events like the XXXX Outreach Clinic to deliver treatment for children with special needs. These activities have been most rewarding as I have more experience with children and, most notably, in treating children most in need of that care.

Fast, thoroughgoing, and an expert at time management, I constantly progress in my clinical dentistry performance. With my active role in Pediatric Selective, I have had many community involvement opportunities, from screening children to providing treatment. Volunteering for the mobile clinic has given me some of my life's peak moments so far. I take joy in giving free, comprehensive dental care to kids whose families cannot afford it—serving as an Organizer and Clinical Manager of the XXXX House Outreach Clinic also provided me with the critically important experience of managing a team.

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of dentistry at UXX as someone born in Iran who lived there until I was eighteen, when my entire family immigrated to the United States. We are Jewish, and Iran's political climate has become most repressive for our people, especially since we are discriminated against in education and employment.

The USA was a fresh start; we began working and studying immediately. I am now a US citizen, and we have been in the USA for almost nine years. I have always been an excellent student, reflected in my grades at UXX, 3.94 in undergraduate (Biochemistry) and 3.8 in dental school. In addition to Farsi, I can read Hebrew and understand a little.

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Pediatric Dentistry Residency Personal Statement

Being selected for your competitive program would empower and inspire me further towards a professional lifetime of service combining private and public practice and attending to the needs of my own family that I will probably have someday, always at the same time that I give my very best to those children who are part of our community family. I look forward to long-term connections with kids from their first dental visit until they graduate high school. I want to spend much time at the local hospital caring for child trauma victims and researching as I hope to publish in this area.

Nothing fires me up more than testing the use and application of new technologies, especially CAD/CAM). I am also interested in the use/indication and contraindication of different dental materials in pulpal treatment.

Thank you for your consideration of my application.

Pediatric Dentistry Residency Personal Statement Example


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