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Periodontology Residency Personal Statement Help

Updated: Jan 20

A dentist from India, I have been primarily devoted to Periodontics as my chosen area of dentistry since early on in dental school, especially following my graduation near the top of my class from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, one of India’s finest dental schools, in December of 2010. I hope to be accepted into a residency program in Periodontics since it is this area of Dentistry that I have made my life calling. I could not be more enthusiastic about receiving advanced training in this area, followed by decades of research and practice, all with a focus on Periodontics.

After gaining several years of invaluable experience practicing dentistry in India, I began readying to move to the USA, where more excellent opportunities exist to perfect my capabilities in Periodontics further and ultimately maximize my contribution to my profession and our increasingly global community. Towards this end, and with my eye on helping to improve the plight of the underserved concerning oral health care, I have been working extremely hard at earning my MPH Degree with a focus on Biostatistics. I am nearing completion of my program at Temple University, and I hope to begin a residency position in Periodontology. I have also been shadowing Dr. Bansi at Smile Team since August 2018 to get exposure to how dentistry is practiced in a typical clinic in the USA.

My country, India, is projected to overtake China as the world’s most populous nation within a few years. This motivates me to study the many challenges facing oral health care in my country, due to sheer numbers. For this reason, earning the MPH Degree will be a solid long-term investment in my capacity to contribute to the challenges we face in global dentistry. I see Periodontics as of immense value to India, which is one of the factors that called me in this professional direction. Minimally invasive surgical techniques, primarily, stand at the center of my research interests and the area in which I am the most widely read, along with Implantology.

I come from humble but hard-working origins among India’s minority Orthodox Hindu community. Since I was a child, I have been told by my family and the members of the larger community that what we have and what we aspire to do is all a gift from God, and this is the way that I see my education and my capacity for the balance of my professional life to contribute to caring for the oral health needs of the globally underserved.

My family was so humble that my dental care was out of our economic reach. I had to live with one missing lateral; one retained deciduous canine, and one peg for years. I was shy and seldom smiled. However, this situation contributed to my growing more substantial and determined in my focus on dentistry over time. My condition and how I had to wait such a long time, daydreaming about someday correcting it, contributed to developing my compassion for others who suffer from similar oral health afflictions or challenges.

After completing your program with some of the finest and most comprehensive, advanced training in Periodontics available, I hope to serve with an NGO such as Global Dental Relief, bringing free dental care to some of the world’s most needy families in places like Nepal, India, Guatemala, Kenya, and Cambodia. My long-term plans include a return to India and the total engagement possible in my country of origin's public oral health care advance. I hope to teach Periodontics in India and contribute to Periodontics' professional development and identity in India. I look forward to being an active member of the Dental Council of India.

I take extraordinary pride in my compassion and patience. I believe in taking the time to adequately explain procedures to patients, so they are fully engaged with the process, exercising their full autonomy after I have fully described the range of available options. I take pride in earning the confidence of my patient. I aspire to treat every patient as unique and tailor the treatment to their circumstances. In India, for example, I always informed my patients who had the abysmal habit of chewing beetle nuts that using porcelain for a fused crown was a terrible idea. I see oral health education as fundamental to the professional responsibility of the dental professional, with the community in general and each patient in particular. Excellent communication is central to building and solidifying the doctor-patient bond.

I seek a long professional lifetime filling my time as much as possible with dental volunteering, on the one hand, and research, on the other, staying abreast of developments in dentistry. I spend a lot of time reading about vulnerable populations who most need my help. After completing your program, I hope to increase my contribution as a volunteer. I miss volunteering opportunities in India, especially providing free services every Sunday for those who cannot afford a dentist. In my community now, I volunteer at free dental clinics.

Thank you for considering my application.

Periodontology Residency Personal Statement Help


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