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Personal Statement MSc Restorative Sample

Updated: Jan 19

writing and editing the personal statement for the MSc in Restorative Dentistry
Brazilian Dentist, MSc Restorative Dentistry Personal Statement Editor

A dentist from Brazil, my life partner is Australian, and I have dual citizenship. Thus, I look forward to a long and productive international career, engaging with developments in my chosen field, Restorative Dentistry, in Australia and Brazil. I increasingly like to think of my smile as international as I learn and gain further experience, especially about everything related to esthetic and restorative dentistry.

I hope to earn a master's degree in Restorative Dentistry, and it would be a great honor to be selected for your residency program. As a natural team player, I look forward to continuing to develop my leadership skills in your program and perfecting my abilities to contribute to my team. I adore my career. Restorative Dentistry not only combines my love of science paired with my fondness for intricate manual dexterity but provides the chance to make a real, tangible improvement in the quality of life of my patients. I place a high priority on a beautiful smile.

Since finishing Dental School in 2012 at the UNIFLU in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I have five years of experience practicing dentistry. I have gained experience and developed a particular focus on Restorative Dentistry. I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Restorative Dentistry with an emphasis in cosmetic dentistry at the Sao Leopoldo Mandic University in Sao Paulo.

After earning my Postgraduate Diploma, I moved to Australia to accompany my significant other, improve my English, and investigate possibilities to advance my career in the Land Down Under. To be able to practice dentistry in Australia, I have taken the very demanding Australian Dental Council examinations, passing both the theoretical and practical exams with excellence on my first attempt. Practicing dentistry in Australia has been a wonderful experience, as I have been blessed with a dentist position in a great dental practice. I have enjoyed full access to the best dental technologies, such as intraoral scanners, Cad-Cam, and CBCT machines. Adding all that into a multicultural environment has been a most rewarding experience, enabling me to grow enormously on several professional levels. I am now a consummate professional who focuses, primarily, on scientific evidence. I could not be more committed to providing my patients with state-of-the-art dentistry.

Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry are in high demand in Australia. Thus, I see giving my all to a residency program in this area to be timely. I hope to become one of the few restorative dentists practicing in Australia with a world-class education in their field. I hope to become a highly distinguished practitioner, most accomplished at providing people with what I see as the greatest gift of all, the lovely smile.

Last year, 2020, I earned my Invisalign Provider Certificate, and I have been mostly enjoying the great diversity of patients to whom I have been attending. I am studying French intensely because of my love for the language and because I have been treating several French speakers professionally, and I want to speak to them in their first language. French also is helpful with many immigrants from Africa to Australia.

I thrive best in a highly diverse, multicultural, multilingual society. I look forward to receiving my advanced training in Restorative Dentistry while continuing to celebrate diversity and explore perspectives in Global Restorative Dentistry.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished advanced training program in Restorative Dentistry.

Personal Statement MSc Restorative


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