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Personal Statement Orthodontics MS Dental Assistant

Orthodontics MS Dental Assistant
Personal Statement Orthodontics MS Dental Assistant Sample, Editing Service

A smile expresses the world’s greatest emotions, happiness, and laughter. When I was younger, I did not share my smile with others because I was self-conscious of the gap between my central incisors. Dentistry changed my life. Within weeks my orthodontist was able to realign my smile and alleviate my embarrassment. I chose the path of dentistry because I want to give others the gift of confidence that my orthodontist gave me.

 After making my decision to become a dentist, I learned more about dentistry and the health care field in general through hands-on experience. I began my dental exploration by shadowing various general and specialty dentists in my area. One day, I had the opportunity to watch a full mouth restoration. The patient had come to the practice suffering, much the same way that I had. When the dentist finished his treatment, he was a completely different person transformed by confidence.  And I continued to advance my knowledge of the dental profession by enrolling in a dental assistant program, while I maintained a full upper division course load at California Lutheran University. While serving as a dental assistant, I learned a great deal about the dental office atmosphere and how essential every task performed is to the success of the overall practice.

After earning my certificates as a Dental Assistant and CPR, Radiology, I completed a back-office assistant externship as well as assisting three different dentists with a variety of dental procedures. I also completed a Pre-dental Simulation Course where I used headpieces to prepare and condense amalgam restorations on prosthetic teeth. Through these experiences I was able to talk at length with dental students, clinic professors, recent dental school graduates and seasoned dental professionals about the various aspects of the dental field.

Orthodontics MS Dental Assistant
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While at XXXX University, I was able to combine my passion for the healthcare field with research in organic chemistry. I wanted to improve the learning atmosphere of organic chemistry students by creating a laboratory experiment centered on the materials and science found in the healthcare field. My goal is to create a series of organic chemistry experiments that have applications to the healthcare field while teaching organic chemistry principles. I explored various pedagogical methods to deliver my experiment to CLU’s organic chemistry class. My experiment served as a guide for chemistry students to design their own dental composite resin filling material. I presented my research at the American Chemical Society National Meeting during the Chemical Education Poster Session. I also shared my research with the XXU campus at the annual Festival of Scholars Science Showcase Poster Session. This experience combined my love for teaching as well as learning. Reading articles about technology, techniques and materials in the dental field furthered my appreciation for the science of dentistry.

Orthodontics MS Dental Assistant
Personal Statement Orthodontics MS Examples, Help Writing and Editing

California Lutheran University has provided me with many opportunities to join or create various clubs and become a leader in my college community. Upon my entrance to XXU, they only had one active pre-professional club, AMSA. I quickly joined AMSA and searched for a similar, applicable club for pre-dental students. It was not long before I discovered and joined ASDA. I enjoy being a pre-dental member of ASDA because they provide me with invaluable information about current issues in dentistry. I look forward to continuing my membership in dental school and getting more involved in the political process of dentistry. I re-established the inactive Biological Student Association Club at XXU to provide other students like me with information about the graduate school application process, current opportunities in our community and job opportunities after graduation.

As President of the refurbished/retrofitted club, I organized meetings with guest speakers and developed community projects. I also worked with five other students to successfully found a chapter of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society and was chosen by the biology faculty to be Secretary. Within the brief time between induction to Beta Beta Beta and graduation I organized a whale watching trip as well as a philanthropy event with AMSA called Cupcakes for Cancer. I was also nominated to become a lifetime member of Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society.

It is my civic duty to give back to my community through volunteer work. For the past year I have been Public Relations Event Chair for the 2010 Joie de Vivre Evening of Hope Gala for the American Cancer Society. I am also an advocate for our environment and have helped Heal the Bay with local creek restorations. For the past eight years, I have participated in the annual CROP Walk to fight against world hunger. I am an active habitat for Humanity of Ventura County volunteer that has done multiple home builds and organized group home building projects.

These experiences have shaped who I am today. I am happy with my character and am continually striving to be a better person. I am most enthusiastic about the prospects of becoming a role model and leader in the field of Dentistry. 

Personal Statement Orthodontics MS Dental Assistant


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