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Residency in Orthodontics Personal Statement

Updated: Jan 20

writing and editing the personal statement for Orthodontics Residency
Orthodontics Residency Personal Statement

I am a dentist from India who could not be more dedicated to studying orthodontics and everything concerning craniofacial anomalies. I am filled with joy when I look ahead of myself for many decades to come, giving my all to this field in my practice and research, helping to advance the profession of Orthodontics. Thus, I hope to be selected for a residency position in Orthodontics, and I look forward to giving my all to the program. I trust this will lay an excellent foundation for broadening my horizons and deepening my expertise in achieving my long-term goal of completing a fellowship in craniofacial orthodontics. A US Citizen since 2008, I volunteered as a teaching assistant In Dentistry at UXX and am now published in my field.

After completing the clinical program in Orthodontics at the UCXX School of Dentistry from June 2014 through June 215, I received advanced training at UCXX in the Orofacial Pain section, focusing on sleep apnea. My daughter was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of two. This resulted in my moving a little slower than I would have liked to advance my career. But by the age of four, she was doing much better, so I again entered full steam into dentistry, [ getting published,] completing my [initial] residency training, and presenting an E- poster at the American Association of Orthodontics conference in Los Angeles 2019.

I finished dental school in India in 2000 and then practiced dentistry there for six years. I became exceptionally knowledgeable about oral cancers and their cause. Before and after dental school, I assisted with dental camps to educate and treat children in rural areas with minimal resources. People often had to travel far to reach a hospital or dental clinic. I especially enjoyed educating the children about dental hygiene and using the toothbrush. They would see their elders' using twigs from the Azadirachta indica tree, commonly known as the neem tree, which can sometimes get contaminated with fungi.}

Working towards completion of an MHA Program at XXXX University, where I have been carrying a full-time course load since June of 2018, I am convinced that earning the MHA Degree will help to increase the level at which I can contribute to my profession for many years to come, helping to streamline every aspect of our treatment and support systems in such a way as to enhance the quality of oral health care at the same time that it reduces the cost. Admittedly, this is setting the bar high. Still, it is also essential to appreciate how expanding access and subsequently providing oral health care to more patients earlier in their life span, with more preventive measures utilized, could be a very sound sustainable investment for society, where both the numbers and suffering from oral health issues are great, as in India.

I have focused on Orthodontics since I was incredibly young due to having my orthodontic treatment. I especially excelled in Orthodontics in dental school, and later, while doing my 1-year training in Orthodontics at UXXX, I observed residents in the Pediatric craniofacial clinic. I became convinced that treating children with varying craniofacial anomalies would be my destiny. I was especially thrilled to help the faculty gather treatment information about a patient diagnosed with ectodermal dysplasia and the comprehensive prosthodontics, restorative, orthognathic, and orthodontic treatment, and management that she required. After her treatment, I found the look of happiness on her face quite rewarding. Observing the residents treating patients with varying anomalies due to genetic conditions and seeing the smiles on the patient's faces after the treatments had been successful convinced me that this is where I wanted to give my all for the balance of my professional career: not only orthodontics but also the management of craniofacial abnormalities.

Community dentistry has long stood at the center of my world. While in dental school in India, I volunteered for numerous oral cancer camps while studying and working as a general dentist. I volunteered with BAWSO, an organization from the UK, and taught as a volunteer Teaching Assistant at the XXXX School of Dentistry at UX. Here in America, I have volunteered at the XXXX Community Center Dental Unit of the XXXX of Dentistry, attending to homeless patients living on skid row in Los Angeles. Nothing brings me greater joy.

Thank you for considering my application.

Residency in Orthodontics Personal Statement


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