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Questions & Answers for International Dentists

Questions and Answers for International Dentist Application
Sample Additional Questions and Answers for International Dentist Application

1 What activities have you performed that demonstrate your ability to work effectively with people?

The best evidence that I have of my ability to work with people is the fact that I am highly appreciated by my colleagues and supervisors in my current position as a Clinical Demonstrator at the XXXX Medical and Dental College—where I graduated from dental school in 2009—since June 16th of 2014. My day-to-day responsibilities include patient evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment management; I also tutor fourth-year students and general practice residents. Treating patients while I instruct students has helped me to perfect my professional capacity in numerous areas, learning greater levels of patience, exploring the complexities of ethical issues, and building teamwork through leadership, fostering our sense of shared purpose and quest for professional excellence. I also completed a one-year residency here at Lahore Medical and Dental College from April 2010 through March 2011, serving as general practice resident with two months spent in each rotation in every department of dentistry. 

Equally important to my career trajectory as a dentist and the challenges that I have faced along the way learning to communicate as effectively as possible with patients and colleagues alike is the testimony of my extensive association resulting primarily from a dental internship at XXXX; providing me with advanced training in MCPS in operative dentistry and extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cases related to restorative dentistry and endodontics. I did case presentations, led discussions, and helped to organize as well as attend conferences where I always presented.

Questions and Answers for International Dentist Application
Sample Additional Questions and Answers for International Dentist Application

2 Please describe your immediate and long-term professional goals. 

My sense of purpose in life deepened during my dental internship at XXXX especially because it provided me with a platform to treat low-income patients of a variety of different ethnic backgrounds, all with extremely limited resources. While I found treating these people to be extraordinarily challenging in some cases, primarily because of budget constraints, I learned to think quickly on my feet and make life-changing decisions in a split-second fashion, because I simply had no other choice. Learning to channel my energies in the most pragmatic way possible, always healing and resolving conflicts, I never failed to maintain my focus and my cool. I was also a great professional asset to my parents’ hospital where I served for some time as Assistant Director. My experience in hospital administration will always be with me, inspiring and empowering me with creative ideas for excellence in dentistry, especially with respect to the underserved.

I have long developed a special interest in the issue of infection control and I intend to continue to build my own special research base in this area in which I hope to distinguish myself by my publications in the future and I look forward to deepening my critical edge and distinguishing myself in this area in particular as a student in your program. After completing your distinguished program, I plan to continue to further my education both formally and informally in Endodontics, devoting myself to a professional lifetime of both research and practice in this area.

3 Describe (if applicable) your work experience (paid or unpaid) in the U.S. or Canada and how it contributes to your professional experience.

I already feel like an international dentist primarily based on my successful completion of an internship in Connecticut from Sept 2013- March 2014 for Dental Arts of Avon PC, assisting and observing Dr. XXXX, D.M.D.

Sample Additional Questions and Answers for International Dentist Application
Sample Additional Questions and Answers for International Dentist Application

I recently completed a 150-hour volunteer observership in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department and General Dentistry at Brooklyn Hospital Center where I have been exposed to numerous dental cases from simple extractions to extractions under sedations to sinus lifting to implant-supported, complete, and partial dentures. I have been attending conferences here as well on issues such as guided tissue regeneration, ANUG and LANAP and I have had the opportunity to follow numerous cases of oral surgery in the operation theater including Enucleation of OKC and bone augmentation.

My hard work during this volunteer period has been very much appreciated by the Chairperson of the Dentistry Program and the director of the General Practice Residency Program. They have both given me letters of recommendation in addition to receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from Brooklyn Hospital.

My volunteer experiences here in the USA have helped me to better appreciate the way in which great doctors attend to the patient in a holistic fashion, spiritually, mentally, and physically, and always with compassion and sincerity. I have myself become more passionate, modest, refined, and cooperative, especially with respect to our patients. One special highlight of my work in the USA was volunteering with CLOUD 9, organizing an event that took place on June 29th, 2013, to raise funds for the charitable activities of the XXXX Memorial Hospital, which cares for victims of cancer who have scare resources.

4 What qualities of the University of XXXX School of Dental Medicine do you feel will help you achieve your professional goals and how?

The Dental program offered at UXXXX will put me on the world stage of dentistry, the facility is very advanced and up to date on every aspect of dentistry; being a student there would help me to achieve my goal of getting the best training and education available. Growing up in a family where my parents and siblings are all doctors and received the best education available to them, I do not want to settle for anything less either. The clinical and research opportunities available at UXXXX represent the optimal springboard on which to excel as an international dentist in the future, especially since I have already fallen in love with your campus and its history.

Most of all, I hope to be accepted into your especially distinguished program at UXXXX because of the excellent clinical training and the research opportunities that your program provides. I see Operative Dentistry as the HEART OF DENTISTRY and Endodontics as the queen of the oral health sciences. I thank you for considering my application to UXXXX.

Sample Additional Questions and Answers for International Dentist Application


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