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CAAPID Application Supplemental Questions, Answers

Updated: Apr 13


It would be an honor for me to be selected to participate in your distinguished program for International Dentists. The program that I completed in Dentistry in Armenia was one of the best in the country, generally thought to have clinical and hospital rotations as sophisticated and intensive as anywhere in Central Asia. I did feel somewhat frustrated to have earned the qualification to practice dentistry and then immediately move to a place where I could not qualify or practice, but I have invested myself wholesale in the long-term project of going to dental school again, so as to prepare for my maximum contribution to dentistry in my new permanent home; where our profession is practiced on the cutting edge of the art and science of dentistry.

Not long after coming to America I began working for Dr. XXXX as a volunteer in his clinic, gradually learning the ropes for a range of duties over the course of the next three years. I decided to take dental assisting classes in Pasadena City college in 2008, which I enjoyed immensely, especially our rotations at USC Clinic and VA hospital. After finishing the program, I went to work in a periodontal office in 2009. In 2013 I began working at the XXXX Dental Place and stayed nearly 3 years. I still think about those lovely children who I taught to floss and brush properly. I began my current position with XXXX Dentistry in 2017. All of my experiences in dentistry leave me feeling each day like I am the most privileged person on the planet and I am grateful to God for the professional choices that I have made and the opportunities that I have had up until now. Earning my doctoral degree in Dentistry here in the USA will be my crowning achievement.


If accepted to your program, I now have achieved a degree of financial stability where I will be able, pretty much for the first time, to devote myself almost exclusively to my studies. As a student in dental school, making ends meet financially was a constant struggle. I was working all these years because I simply had no other option to support myself, paying the basic expenses of life, tuition as well. I have been a working mother for years now, and always worked at something and studied at the same time. Motherhood on top of it, often make the schedule tight but I always persevered and always made time for dentistry, studying independently as well as working as a Dental Assistant and volunteer. I learned to manage my time well, studied and excelled on my board exams.

SPECIFICALLY, WHY THE XXXX University of Health Sciences College of DENTAL MEDICINE

There are numerous aspects of the International Dentist Program at XXXX University that convince me that your program is an ideal match for my high level of dedication and motivation to excellence in Dentistry. I am hungry to see patients, to have contact with patients, and to have a chance to demonstrate my capacity for compassion, giving my all to my patients.

Most of all, I especially hope to attend XXXX University because it facilitates the beginning of relationships between students in the International Dentist Program with patients, earlier than most other IDP programs, seeing patients at the very beginning of their second year.

I have studied IDPs online now for some time, intently, and I get a sense from my extensive investigation of XXXX University’s IDP that it is more forward thinking than most if not all of the other programs. I especially appreciate the systematic approach of your program in the promotion of complete healthcare, helping students of dentistry better appreciate the way that the body function as a whole, with oral health as an especially critical aspect of linked to all others.

While giving my all as a student in XXXX’s IDP, I look forward to volunteering with Give Kids a Smile and also homeless outreach projects. I have already identified the location and meeting hours of related clubs that I want to join at XXXX. I hope to retain connections with other students that I meet in the IDP at XXXX throughout my professional lifetime, going on to acquire specialized training and increasingly focusing my networking on my own areas of specialization.

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