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Sample Letter of Recommendation for Dental School, LOR, Writing and Editing

Updated: Mar 19

Dear Program Director,

My name is XXXX, DMD and I am the Postdoctoral Director for Periodontics at the XXXX School of Dental Medicine. I am also a former president of the XXXX Dental Association. I have been teaching Dentistry at XXXX for the past 30 years and very seldom have I seen any one learn as quickly and develop such a grasp early on of the interdisciplinary nature of our profession, as Dr. XXXX. Thus, it brings me great pleasure to recommend XXXX for your Accelerated Dental Program at XXXX University.

XXXX served as a resident under my direct supervision and I was so impressed by his enormous capacity and dedication to his patients that I made him our Chief Resident in 2015-2016. He worked closely with me, for example, making schedules for pg -perio. I could not be more confident that XXXX has the qualities that it takes to excel in a DDS Program. This is also why I recommended him highly for his current teaching position as an Assistant Professor of Periodontics at the XXXX School of Dentistry.

I first met XXXX when he was my student in Periodontics. It was during his third year, when I made him Chief Resident that I got to know him especially well since I always closely supervise our chief residents. Since that time, I have enjoyed listening to his reports of his teaching experiences as an Assistant Professor. XXXX has the knowledge and the clinical skills to become an important leader in dentistry and will prove to be an asset to the doctoral program that selects him.

In addition to considerable intellect and exemplary performance on standardized examinations, Mr. XXXX is a warm, highly articulate and engaging individual who teaches others by example; inclusive and consistent, he exudes curiosity and is keenly motivated to learn new things. On multiple occasions, he has arrived in the clinic with handouts on relevant clinical topics tailored for the rest of our team. He has been described as one of the best chief residents we have ever had by some of our colleagues, which was why he was invited, for example, to give a presentation at the Zimmer Institute. His presentation was outstanding – comprehensive in scope yet efficient in delivery. I also heard all good things about his presentation at the North East Implant Symposium and Tri-school Dental Meeting in New York.

XXXX is clearly in the top 5% of all Dental students with whom I have worked over the past 30 + years. If you have any additional questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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