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Saudi Arabian International Dentist Applicant, OMFS, Orthognathic Surgery

Updated: Apr 14

A woman from Saudi Arabia who could not be more devoted to her profession, Dentistry, I hope to distinguish myself in the future in the area of OMFS in particular, as I am convinced that it is in this area where I have my greatest passion, capacity, and the potential to make my fullest contribution to society. First, however, so as to prepare myself for giving my all to OMFS later on, I hope to be accepted to and complete and Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists in the USA, where dentistry is the most advanced. I then look forward to putting this cutting-edge foundation in dentistry to good use at the service of advanced training in OMFS, after earning my doctorate in America.

I finished my six years of dental school in Riyadh in 2014 and then went on to complete a one-year internship. By early 2015, I was living in New York giving my all to the English language 24/7 so as to be able to successfully advance my career in dentistry in the USA, where it is practiced on the cutting edge. Being accepted to a doctoral program for international dentists has been a central and foremost goal of mine now for years. 2017-2018 were two of the finest years of my life spent at XXXX University, in a full immersion experience in Oral Surgery, my first love and greatest delight. It is my 2 years of advanced oral surgery training and practice at XXU, in particular, that has enabled and inspired me to hit the ground running in your DDS/DMD Program and distinguish myself as an extremely devoted and hard-working dentist.

This year, 2019, I have continued to study with a full load of ongoing education which I treat as a priority second only to my patients and other professional responsibilities. I renewed my certification in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Course, building upon earlier training in Advanced Trauma Life Support. I addition to volunteering my time at AlHabib Hospital, I also participate in, helping out with a variety of dental screenings that generally take place once a year.

I chose my friends carefully in high school and I cultivated my friendship with Seba for a very specific purpose of central importance to my life course and direction. Smart, pleasant, and ambitious, the first thing that one noticed about XXXX, unfortunately, was her extended lower jaw, which made it difficult for her to eat as well as talk, let alone smile. My uncle, however, a rheumatism consultant, much to my delight, he explained to me that XXXX’s condition was treatable as a result of advances in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. From that moment forward, my professional horizon has come to focus with increasingly clarity and specificity on my goals in OMFS. I find myself drawn like a moth to a flame to the kind of radical, tangible, and sustainable improvements that dentistry in general and OMFS in particular is able to make to the lives of someone like my friend XXXX, who, after extensive treatment, had her problem almost entirely corrected. Knowing that I want very much to go on to specialize in OMFS after earning my doctoral degree in the USA, I have felt fully inspired to focus a great deal of effort on improving my abilities as an oral surgeon.

After earning my doctoral degree in Dentistry by completing an Advanced Standing Program and then also completing a multi-year residency in OMFS, I hope to finally complete a fellowship in Orthognathic Surgery. In this way, I will have the ultimate preparation for extensive research in my field, becoming a leader in both OMFS and Orthognathic Surgery, especially with respect to Saudi Arabia, where there are only a handful of well-trained specialists with advanced certificates from the West in these areas so critical to the advancement of our field. After completing my training over the course of several years, I hope to return to Saudi Arabia to build up and enhance our capabilities in every aspect of OMFS in the KSA. I want to leave my professional mark on this field by teaching the cutting-edge ideas of the day and helping dental professionals in Saudi Arabia to stay abreast of advancements in OMFS. I look forward to returning to the KSA as a highly skilled researcher as well as a clinician, especially passionate about education and most eager to share what I have learned with several new generations of dentists to come.

I look forward to continuing to cultivate my leadership abilities as a student in your program whenever the opportunity arises. The first member of my family to become a dentist, I have long been focused on my professional passion and I keep my goal of becoming a top-notch professional in the area of OMFS. Eager to sacrifice salary, family and home to invest in my future in Dentistry, I am ready for the rigors of your program to which I will devote myself 24/7. Completing your DDS/DMD program is my gateway to the world of advanced OMFS, the universe in which I sincerely hope to fully immerse myself for the balance of my professional lifetime.

I thank you for considering me for a position in your distinguished DDS/DMD program.

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