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Updated: Nov 17

I first became interested in dentistry at the age of seven when a dentist extracted some teeth and then prescribed ice-cream as the follow up treatment. I was impressed, the pain quickly receded and I was on a diet in which ice-cream featured heavily! This experience was in marked contrast to my contact with other medical professionals who seemed to want to stick needles in me and force me to take unpleasant medicine. I never considered any other profession since that time and have never regretted entering one that provides so much satisfaction and am excited to be working in a sphere in which there are so many and such frequent advances in materials and techniques to improve patient experiences and outcomes.

I am an experienced general and pediatric dentist, teacher and researcher who now seeks to acquire the highest level of skills, knowledge and experience by exposure to the advanced dental environment and training available in the US. I have a particular rapport with child patients and have worked in pediatric dentistry since 2010, latterly as a teacher. My goals are to obtain the DDS qualification in the US and then to pursue a Master’s degree in Pediatric Dentistry, a professional lifetime fully devoted to practice, teaching and undertaking further research.

I have completed my Masters in Pediatric Dentistry and completed three years of Senior Residency at the most prestigious hospital in India. I am employed by one of the top dental schools in India as a permanent faculty member and enjoy good clinical and academic prospects. My decision to study and work in the US does not arise from purely professional considerations, although these are important. I, along with the great majority of females living in India face being patronized and discriminated against and I know that I shall face a far more ‘female-friendly’ professional and social environment in the US which will permit me to achieve my professional potential more easily. I am also increasingly worried about the effects of seriously poor air quality on my children’s health.

After completing my undergraduate course in 2004, with a highly gratifying GPA score of 3.84/4, I completed six months junior residency at Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences. There, I acquired and developed clinical skills which provided a firm foundation for my post-graduate program. I became interested in Pediatric Dentistry during my undergraduate course, because of a particularly inspirational teacher and because of my ability to put child patients at ease and relate easily to them. I also find great satisfaction in improving the appearance of children who suffer low self-esteem and self-consciousness because of dental malformation. Such work is literally life-transforming and it is a joy and a privilege to be equipped to undertake it.

During post-graduation, I was able further develop my clinical skills and to deepen my technical knowledge. Due to the high disease burden in my country, the main focus is on curative services. However, becoming a Pediatric Dentist left me in no doubt about the importance of education in oral and dental hygiene and consequent prevention. I formulated a questionnaire tool for the assessment of oral health in children in North India which was published in the Indian Journal of Dental Research for which I received an award for the best research publication of that year by the Indian Society of Dental Research. I have also been the recipient of several other accolades for best publications, best paper presentations and medals for academic excellence.

I worked as Senior Resident at Center for Dental Education & Research, AIIMS, New Delhi from January 2010 till 15th January 2013. I am currently working as Assistant Professor at XXXX Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi. I find great satisfaction in passing on my skills, knowledge and passion for pediatric dentistry. My experience of teaching has been highly positive, I have received gratifyingly positive feedback from students and faculty. I have become aware that there is considerable overlap in the skills required of an effective teacher and those called for in a good researcher. Among these are the ability to set highly challenging but achievable goals, clarity in the goals sought, flexibility, creative and original thinking and effective collaboration. I think that my successes confirm that I possess these characteristics.

I am aware that many more cultures are represented in the US than in India and I know that cultural sensitivity and awareness are vital to a medical professional in the US. I am widely travelled, I have visited the US several times, Europe and various Asian countries. I enjoy being exposed to varied cultures and sharing knowledge of my own heritage. I am a friendly, outgoing person with a well-developed sense of humor and am fully fluent in English (TOEFL score 118/120) along with Hindi and Punjabi. I read English language fiction voraciously which has enabled me to acquire a very high level of fluency.

I am confident that I shall be able to ‘add value’ to the program and will apply myself with diligence and enthusiasm to excel within it.

Thank you for considering my application.

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