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Updated: Feb 1

My initial intention was to pursue a career in medicine. Still, an interest in dentistry developed when I witnessed close up the great misery that a dentist can alleviate. When training and practicing in India, I often saw grimaces of pain turned into smiles of relief and the dramatic and beneficial effects that basic instruction in preventative action can have. These experiences confirmed my choice of career. I am incredibly excited to be involved in a field with rapid technological and material innovation. I look forward to becoming increasingly efficient in future years as innovations continue to be adopted and applied.

I aspire to qualify to practice in the US and work in a small, underserved community such as the one I was born in. I am particularly interested in applying effective preventative instruction to the general population, children, and the less advantaged in society. I hope to create relationships with schools and youth organizations to help educate the young on essential dental health. It is clear that there remains much work to be done in preventative education, and the key, I believe, is to start with the very young.

I arrived in the US about 11 years ago at 16, and I learned to communicate in near-native English and excel as a professional, finishing High School with an overall GPA of 3.89. I intend to apply this proven diligence, determination, and intelligence to the program, excelling rather than merely succeeding.

After returning to India and obtaining my BDS degree from the prestigious XXXX Institute of Research and Dental Science, I served an internship of 18 months. Also, I acted as a volunteer dentist in a jail. During this time, I acquired significant experience in routine dental techniques and sought exposure to more advanced work such as Root Canal treatments, digital radiography, and assisting professors in complex surgical procedures; I also participated in many dental health screening and diagnostic programs. I undertook much work directed at preventative instruction in the prison I served and in 33 villages. I found this work highly satisfying and was incredibly touched by the appreciation expressed by those we sought to help. I hope it might be possible to offer supervised dental treatment to members of disadvantaged communities or groups within the program.

I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people from many ethnic and social backgrounds. I enjoy relating to others, sharing knowledge of my culture, and learning about others. I currently undertake volunteer work for the Red Cross as a Front Desk Receptionist, which involves meeting and helping people. I greatly enjoy the constant exposure to people of many types. I also work part-time in a store helping people, and I seek to provide first-class customer service and show a readiness to ‘go the extra mile. I mix well and enjoy being able to help others.

I enjoy volleyball, cricket, and art and have enjoyed some recognition of success in all these fields. My sports interests are not only a way of keeping fit but also a splendid way of making friends and having the satisfaction of being part of a team working toward a common goal. My achievements in sports illustrate how I am a ‘team player’ who seeks assistance when necessary and is always prepared to offer it to others. My artistic ability reflects a naturally developed manual dexterity which has assisted me greatly in my dental work.

I am applying to this particular program because of the prestigious reputation of the faculty, its reputation for successful research, and the history of success of its graduates. I hope to contribute to the program, particularly concerning preventative education for the very young.

I am a confident and amiable person who has demonstrated determination, diligence, and intelligence in my life to date, together with an ability to relate well to others. I have successfully undertaken all essential dental treatments during my training and enjoyed advanced dentistry exposure. I promise enthusiastic participation in the program and relish the prospect of sharing the fruits of my experience and profiting from that of my student colleagues and the faculty.

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Indian International Dentist

Thank you for considering my application.

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