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Iranian Endodontics Program Applicant, Completing International Dentist Program

Updated: Mar 24

Am experienced dentist from Iran, now making my home in the USA, I am currently working towards the completion of a DDS Program at the XXXX School of Dentistry. My first love is Endodontics; thus, I hope to be accepted to a residency position in this area and begin shortly after earning my DDS Degree from XXXX. I married a wonderful woman who is a pharmacist and came to the USA in 2015. Since then, I have worked as a dental assistant and shadowed dentists prior to working towards my DDS, in preparation for my application to Endodontics programs.

I am currently assisting with two endodontics research projects under the supervision of two highly experienced endodontists professors at XXXX. I am very passionate about my chosen specialty in dentistry and extremely highly motivated to continue to engage in lifelong learning and research as well as practice in this area. I particularly enjoyed taking a rigorous, advanced endodontics course as part of my program here at XXXX, which has left me hungry to return to a focus on Endodontics and delve into increasingly complicated and challenging cases and scenarios. I am most pleased that endodontics faculties are encouraging students to focus more on endodontics treatments and I could not be more enthused about the prospect of making this my life’s work. Thus, while still a DDS student, I seek as much time studying and practicing endodontics as possible; and this will help me to hit the ground running in your program.

I could not be happier with my chosen profession, dentistry, which has brought me many profound rewards and wonderful experiences as a dentist in my native Iran - where I finished dental school and gained valuable experience before immigrating to the USA. Here in America, I continue to strive to advance in my field and give my all to oral health care. My professional nature and ethics inspire me to devote myself to saving rather than replacing teeth. My conservative philosophy of dentistry also dovetails nicely with my desire to be of special service to the underserved in the future. I hope to at some point to open a nonprofit dental clinic with a special focus on patients with mental health challenges, the homeless, and others in special need, particularly children – serving my community. By becoming a board-certified endodontist and a leader in my field, equipped with the skills to perform complex surgical and non-surgical root canal procedures using cutting-edge techniques and instrumentation, I will be able to make sound treatment planning decisions for all of my patients in accordance with current best practices using evidence-based sources.

I first considered dentistry as a prospective career path when I was a teenager and spent much of my free time observing my sister, a dentist, and her husband, an endodontist, who own a private practice: watching with amazement how their patients came to the clinic in pain and left smiling, witnessing the close relationships that they formed with their patients. As a student in dental school in Iran, I volunteered at their office and learned a great deal early on about Endodontics.

After graduating from dental school in Iran in 2010, I practiced dentistry for two years in a marginalized area with little access to a dentist for most people. I next opened my own private practice in Shiraz while continuing to serve at two other dental clinics. I chose to open my own private practice because I was fascinated with the business prospect of dentistry as well and the prospect of managing a team. In my own practice, the receptionist, assistant and I worked as a team to provide a range of dental services and we only had satisfied clients because we gave our all.

My great enthusiasm for Endodontics was further reinforced in Iran by my volunteer work 2 days a week at a local charity, providing dental services for disabled and mentally challenged children and I did this for more than 3 years, almost always laboring to save their natural teeth. Working with children with specialized needs was very challenging due to unintended movements, drooling, anxiety, etc. However, after much trial and error, I was able to maintain a high quality of care by often holding the child gently, always talking to them, and keeping them entertained the whole time.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

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