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Prosthodontist Colleague Letter of Recommendation

Updated: Jan 19

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX XXXX, and I am a Prosthodontist in private practice in XXXX, Ontario, Canada. It brings me great pleasure to recommend Dr. XXXX XXXX for a position in your Advanced Placement Program for international dentists. XXXX is my assistant every Wednesday at XXXX Prosthodontic Dental Care. Every Tuesday, he has been my faithful and hard-working volunteer assistant at the Dymon Health Clinic, a charitable clinic operated by XXXX Mission. His performance in both locations has been outstanding for an entire year since February 2019.

I consider XXXX my friend and colleague because we are united in serving the underserved. I have been practicing for 35 years, and during this time, I have had the privilege of going to a variety of countries in Africa and Asia to care for the oral health of those in greatest need. I have shared at length with XXXX about global dentistry, what it means to us, and how we can best sustain our dedicated focus on the underserved and maximize our contribution.

It is hard to imagine how XXXX’s performance could have been improved at my clinic or our weekly labor at the charitable mission. XXXX even teaches techniques to others, myself included, that save time and energy or make the patient more comfortable. He is a true genius at his vocation; I believe he has much to give because of his sheer devotion and high energy level. A commensurate team player, XXXX is routinely and fully supported by everyone he works with. He is highly organized and self-motivated; I see him as a strong candidate for your program.

XXXX is always keen to learn new skills in dentistry; highly committed and passionate, he has worked enormously hard to get this far. He has advanced clinical skills primarily because he is such a quick learner, and this ability has made him invaluable to our practice. His excellence is multifaceted, from an especially thoroughgoing understanding of the biology of the mouth and oral cavity to his great skill at patient reception. His open and inclusive demeanor makes everyone feel at home, especially children. XXXX excels at room preparation before and after treatments, sterilizing instruments, case discussions, and reviewing and helping to develop treatment plans.

I could not recommend XXXX more highly for a position in your program for international dentists. I could not feel more assured that he would be an asset to your schedule. Here, he will be sorely missed.


Prosthodontist Colleague Letter of Recommendation


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