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Dental Letter of Recommendation Supervising Faculty

Updated: Jan 29

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. XXXX as an applicant to earn the DDS/DMD Degree for international dentists. I first met XXXX as the Head of the Dental Department (Endodontist) of a 300-bed Indian Government Hospital. We used to treat more than two hundred dental patients a day. XXXX was one of seven junior resident dentists serving in our department. I got to know her well since mentoring the junior residents was one of my responsibilities, alongside my work as a periodontist and general practitioner. XXXX is most talented, very self-motivated, and dedicated, consistently giving her all to our hospital for three years. A pleasant young lady, XXXX is equally comfortable with her peers and faculty as her patients and stands out as one of the most refined and capable residents I have ever supervised.

XXXX was always punctual, among the first to arrive for our meetings to begin each day. Energetic and tireless, she is determined to give her all each day without fail, completing each task excellently. She was also of instrumental importance in organizing and executing dental camps for underprivileged school children and poor people in surrounding villages. XXXX took a particular interest in all these efforts and enthusiastically participated in making them successful. XXXX is a promising dentist and highly skilled at building rapport with patients. She is also an excellent communicator and highly effective at talking to patients in such a way as to rapidly identify their problems and issues, earning their confidence and making them feel comfortable. XXXX was always willing to help other residents and assisted me with complicated procedures, where I saw utmost professionalism and poise. She will be an asset to the program that selects her.

XXXX has described her creative plans for starting her NGO, Dental Samaritans, geared towards the underserved. Her humanitarian nature and concern are why colleagues and patients highly respect her. She picks up new concepts and techniques in Dentistry quickly and seemingly effortlessly. She is always hungry for new responsibilities and has an outstanding work ethic. She has a tremendous capacity for independent work and a powerful desire to better the lives of others. I am convinced that XXXX would be an essential contribution to any IDP and will prove to be one of the most promising students in her class. We would have liked XXXX to have stayed in our hospital as a full-time Dentist, but her life took her to another place, and we wish her nothing but the best. Please contact me via email if you have any queries or concerns about this recommendation.


Dental Letter of Recommendation Supervising Faculty

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